About Us


What We Do?

DotNpixel, a creative, agile and passionate web design agency, with its head of project managers at Melbourne, Australia. We have created designs and built web solutions for clients representing multitude of industries across the world.

It has achieved a distinguished reputation in prompt time through its enthusiastic creations of highly effective web sites and web applications.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the use of simple but thoughtful design that makes lively and enjoyable interaction among customers and business service providers via self explanatory creative presentation models. The most challenging aspect of modern interface design is tricky achievement of complexity through simple design because compound ones are so difficult to be simplified.

And we provide solutions to bring out the best of the intended purpose through simple, versatile and comprehensive design package.

Our Approach to Web Design

  • Discovery & Focus

    We understand Goals of our clients, we set our Vision and work on our Mission to captivate the needs of users providing utmost satisfaction. We do Site mapping and also suggest and develop its key content and user tasks as well

  • Brainstorming & Sketching

    Prioritize content and user actions. Visualize layouts with paper sketches, followed by digital black and white wireframing of site layout.

  • Design & Production

    Design exploration of typography, colors, & imagery to produce lively/presentable models. Web production with W3C standards. Programming and integration.